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RUSKI 18/22 D/G- Fuel Pump Repair

     The fuel pump was brought to our workshop for maintenance. The fuel pump was completely opened and cleaned.

Disassembling and Cleaning the Fuel Pump

     The repair process typically commences with carefully detaching the fuel pump from the engine. Once accessible, the pump is meticulously disassembled, and each component is inspected for signs of damage or wear. Accumulated fuel residues, dirt, and oxidation remnants are then thoroughly cleaned from the components using specialized cleaning agents and processes. This step ensures that the fuel pump is free from contaminants that might hinder its proper function.

Renewal of Repair Kits

    Fuel pump repair kits are changed and assembled meticulously.

Test-Adjustment Process of Fuel Pump

       Finally, the fuel pump is mounted on the testing machine and tested. Spray settings are made. Leak checks are done.